LM-7000H Serie | Module zu PT-G7728/G7828

Moxa’s LM-7000H Series is a hot-swappable industrial Ethernet Interface module for PT-G7828 Layer 3 and PT-G7728 Layer 2 IEC 61850-3 Ethernet switches. The switches include flexible interface modules, which allows the PT-G7728/G7828 Series to provide up to 28 ports of connectivity using copper, SFP, or PoE connectors.
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01010460 : LM-7000H-4GTX CHF 479.00
01010461 : LM-7000H-4GSFP CHF 438.00
01010462 : LM-7000H-4GPoE CHF 639.00
01010463 : LM-7000H-DMY, 3 STk. / Set CHF 30.00

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PT-G7728 Serie | 28G Ports L2/3 Full Gigabit, IEC 61850-3


SFP-1FE Series | 1 Port fast Ethernet SFP Module


SFP-1G Series | 1G Port Gigabit Ethernet, LC

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