ICF-1280I Serie | 2 Ports PROFIBUS zu Glasfaser Konverter


  • Redundant fiber ring with zero recovery time
  • Examine network-wide fiber communication from a single converter
  • Auto baudrate detection and data speed up to 12 Mbps
  • PROFIBUS bus fail prevents corrupted datagram in functioning segment
  • Alarm by relay output
  • 2 kV galvanic isolation protection
  • Dual power inputs for redundancy
  • Extends PROFIBUS transmission distance up to 45 km
  • Wide temperature model available for -40 to 75°C environments
  • Supports Fiber Signal Intensity Diagnosis


The ICF-1280I series industrial PROFIBUS-to-fiber converters are used to convert PROFIBUS signals from copper to optical fiber. The converters are used to extend serial transmission up to 4 km (multi-mode fiber) or up to 45 km (single-mode fiber). The ICF-1280I provides 2 kV isolation protection for the PROFIBUS system and dual power inputs to ensure that your PROFIBUS device will perform uninterrupted.

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01080236 : ICF-1280I-M-ST CHF 690.00
01080237 : ICF-1280I-M-ST-T CHF 785.00
01080238 : ICF-1280I-S-ST CHF 1’182.00
01080239 : ICF-1280I-S-ST-T CHF 1’282.00

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