ADP-SCm-STf-S/ADP-SCm-STf-M Serie - SC male to ST female duplex adaptors

Features and Benefits

  • Gives users of MOXA Industrial Ethernet switches more connection options
  • Color coded to differentiate between single-mode and multi-mode adapters


This SC (male) to ST (female) duplex adapter is provided as an optional accessory to give users of MOXA industrial Ethernet switches more fiber optic connection options. Simply plug the adapter directly into the SC connector of any MOXA industrial Ethernet switch to convert the original SC connector into an ST connector. This allows you to use an ST connector with any MOXA industrial Ethernet switch, but without the need for an extra patchcord.

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01100067 : ADP-SCm-STf-M, SC-male to ST female for MM fiber CHF 55.00

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