Automatic Backup Configurator ABC-01 / ABC-02


  • RS-232 RJ45 / USB / M12 console port connection
  • Store the complete configuration of one switch
  • Reduce system downtime, without an additional power input
  • Load the system configuration automatically after system reboot
  • Manually load and save the system configuration through the web console
  • Plug-n-Play system backup and restoration
  • Front label for writing identification information
  • Compact, rugged, reliable design
  • Supports Moxa's managed Ethernet switches and wireless APs/Bridges/Clients
  • 0 to 60°C / -40 to 75°C (T-Model) operating temperature


The ABC-01 configuration backup and restoration tool can be used to save and load the configuration of Moxa's managed Ethernet switches and AWK series wireless APs/Bridges/Clients through the RS-232 console port. This simple yet powerful tool makes it much easier to back up a device's system parameters, or even replace an existing device with a new one. With the ABC-01, you can quickly re-install a substitute device (of the same model) or recover the entire system configuration, including IP address, if the device fails.

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01010130 : ABC-01, Automatic Configuration Backup, RS-232 CHF 70.00
01100499 : ABC-02-USB, Automatic Backup Configurator CHF 110.00
01100511 : ABC-02-USB-T, Automatic Backup Configurator Temp CHF 124.00
01100512 : ABC-01-M12, Automatic Backup Configurator CHF 85.00

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