OnCell G3150A-LTE Serie | Serial/Ethernet to cellular gateway

OnCell G3150A-LTE Series
Rugged LTE serial/Ethernet-to-cellular gateway

Features and Benefits

  • Dual cellular operator backup with dual-SIM GuaranLink for reliable cellular connectivity
  • Rugged hardware design well suited for hazardous locations(ATEX Zone 2/IECEx)
  • VPN secure connection capability with IPSec, GRE, and OpenVPN protocols
  • Industrial design with dual-power inputs and built-in DI/DO support
  • Power isolation design for better device protection against harmful electrical interference

The OnCell G3150A-LTE is a reliable, secure, LTE gateway with state-ofthe-art global LTE coverage. This LTE cellular gateway provides a more reliable connection to your serial connection and Ethernet network for cellular applications.

To enhance industrial reliability, the OnCell G3150A-LTE features isolated power inputs, which together with high-level EMS and widetemperature support give the OnCell G3150A-LTE the highest level of device stability for any rugged environment. In addition, with dual-SIM GuaranLink and dual power inputs, the OnCell G3150A-LTE supports network redundancy to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

The OnCell G3150A-LTE also comes with a 3-in-1 serial port for serial over LTE cellular network communication. Use the OnCell G3150A-LTE to collect data and exchange data with serial devices.

High-Speed Remote Gateway with VPN and Network Security

  • Multi-band support
  • Secure and reliable VPN support with NAT/ OpenVPN / GRE/ IPsec functionality
  • Complies with the following cybersecurity standards:
  • IACS Components: IEC 62443-4-2 Level 1
  • IACS (Industrial Automation and Control Systems)

Industrial Isolation and Redundancy Design

  • Dual power inputs for power redundancy
  • Dual-SIM support for cellular connection redundancy
  • Power isolation for power source insulation protection
  • 4-tier GuaranLink for reliable cellular connectivity
  • -30 to 70°C wide operating temperature support

*2G Netz wird am Ende 2020 abgeschaltet, 3G funktioniert künftig beschränkt nur auf die Frequenz 900 MHz. 
Wir empfehlen Ihnen deshalb, die Geräte mit 4G/LTE zu kaufen.

Die Abkürzung LTE steht für "Long Term Evolution". Es handelt sich um einen Mobilfunk-Standard der "vierten Generation". LTE wird deshalb häufig auch als 4G bezeichnet.

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