CDA70, radio modem


CDA70 is a fast radio modem for M2M communication. It is designed to be used in networks extending over several tens of kilometers It is most suitable when the transfer must be under the control of the operator and cannot depend on public communication networks. The used packet transfer system enables the user to use each station in the network also as an end station or as a retranslation station. This enables the user to create extensive and complex topology networks and provide reliable data transfer even in uneven and hilly terrains.
Data transfer protocol is secured and may be encrypted AES128. You may choose from many interfaces (ETHERNET 10/100, SR232, RS485, MBUS, IO port CIO) and from several tens of protocols (MODBUS, SBUS, MBUS, TCP/IP…) allowing the connection of a large number of devices (control systems, meters, vending machines, display units) produced by various manufacturers.

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18010211 : CDA70-U-E auf Anfrage
18010212 : CDA70-V-E auf Anfrage

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